The Truth About Noise Limiters

With everything to plan for your special day, thinking about a venues noise limiter is probably the last thing on your mind. We think however, taking a moment to consider the impact one of these little boxes could have on your event might save you some regrets when it finally comes to that special day.

In order to get some 'real world experience', we spoke to one of the UK's most respected Wedding Band Musicians and Managers, Ben Marshall.

Ben told us....

With more and more venues around the UK installing noise limiters its worth first checking when looking for a venue if they have one, and if they do how loud the limit is. (This is worth knowing because how loud you can be ranges quite drastically from venue to venue)

Why having a noise limiter at our venue matters…

The volume of music is heavily linking to how it makes you feel as the listener. Physiologically your body responds to loud music in a variety of ways. Have you ever been to a concert and felt your heart racing even as you get to the last song? Thats because lower frequencies can actually affect the rhythm of your heart. This syncing up subconsciously makes you feel more connected to the music, the venue and the people around you. Its why you can enjoy a song on the radio but when you then go hear it live you really fall in love with it.

The relationship between louder music and the emotions it provokes is used by the entertainment industry all the time. It’s why cinemas have huge speakers, Its why clubs and concerts leave your ears ringing at the end of the night and why you can’t help turning up the radio why your song comes on!

Imagine dancing with all your friends with the music turned down low, weird right? That isn't a place you want to suddenly find your self on your wedding day.

So what can I do about it?

Luckily there are lots of options when dealing with noise limiters. If you're totally sold on a location that has a low threshold noise limiter you can always look for bands that have a silent stage… This means the band makes no noise at all apart from the speakers by using electric drums, and guitar systems that don't require on stage amps. Any decent, more experienced band will have contingency plans for low noise venues though and will be able to adapt their equipment to suit the environment. You could also look into bands that specialise in acoustic music to create a different kind of atmosphere. Just remember, it isn't the band's fault that they can't "turn it up".

Another option would be to ask venues when your looking around about there noise limiters, choosing one without a limit or with a higher one could create a better atmosphere for guests to get up on the dance floor and have a great time when your day comes around.