Lighting At Your Wedding

We know that planning a wedding is a juggling act, with so much to consider for your special day you'd be justified in overlooking the lighting for your evening entertainment.

However, lighting can be the difference between your guests uncomfortably swaying to the music waiting for the night to wrap up and a packed dance floor full of your guests dancing all night long! It makes sense right? Just picture the last concert you went to, how would your experience have changed if instead of the lighting they used they just kept all the house lights on? The environment that lights create can determine weather people are comfortable enough to let lose and enjoy themselves or not. Its why clubs are dark and full of colourful moving lights.

So we are agreed, lighting your event is a sure way of making it a little more memorable for you and your guests, but lighting any venue well can be hard when you're not a expert, not to mention the cost of good lighting!

The good news is that there are some wedding bands out there that actually take care of all of this for you. If they are specialised professional wedding entertainers that play regularly then its probably safe to assume that they know how to best light your event, and come with all the lights they need to do it.

Not all bands do this though, so its important when you're booking your entertainment to find out if they come with there own lighting. Any decent professional wedding band should have there own lighting and wont have to charge you extra to hire it for your event.

Getting the right band that comes with there own lighting means one less expense for you and way less to think about on your special day, leaving you freer to do the important work of enjoying the evening with you family and friends!