Choosing Your First Dance

One of the most undeniably magical moments of any wedding day is a couples first dance. With all your family and friends around looking on through teary eyes as you sway side to side with your one and only to that special song, its easy to see why the first dance has stood the test of time as one of the worlds most beloved wedding traditions.

So to help you get your perfect first dance moment, here are our top 3 tips to help you choose your perfect first dance song!

1. Its all about you!

Unless you and your partner dance for a living and have worked out a spectacular, show stopping routine, chances are in a few weeks you and your partner will be the only ones that can remember your first dance. So don't worry about choosing a song everybody likes or knows… Choose one that you both like, a song that holds some personal meaning. After all the most captivating first dances are the ones where the couple are comfortable enough to feel like the only people in the room!

2. Run through the first dance in your head with a few different song options

Sometimes your favourite song can seem like the perfect first dance song until it comes time to actually do it, when you realise that 10 minute song you just love is probably a little too long to just stand there awkwardly swaying. Or maybe the song starts and you realise its much too fast to perform that simple two step along to, (which unfortunately is the only dance move you have in your repertoire). By playing the song before hand and running through the moment in your head, you can try out a few songs and see which one is going to work best for you. So when you take the floor and that songs starts to play, you know exactly what to expect.

3. Make sure the song you choose is the song you get on the day

When you're choosing your first dance remember that whatever band you book won't be the band that recorded your chosen song. Be prepared for the possibility that the band has likely changed the song slightly to fit there style and band line up. A great way round this is to ask the band to play the original version of your song from and iPod. Its a sure way to make sure you get exactly what you were expecting and ensure your first dance runs as smoothly as possible