Cheese Or No Cheese?

One of the biggest decisions you're going to have to get you're head around as you start planning your special day wont be, who to invite, where they sit, or even where you have the event. Its the age old question thats stopped couples in there tracks for generations… Cheese or no Cheese?

Okay maybe not, however, when you’re looking for entertainment at your wedding people tend to naturally land on one side or the other when it comes to cheese or no cheese. Here are a few things to consider before you finalise your stance on the subject;

-The Job of any good wedding band is to pack your dance floor all night long, and nothing packs a dance floor like cheesy music performed brilliantly. They're everyones guilty pleasures for a reason. While it might not be what you'd choose to listen to on your own, you cant beat a good helping of cheese to get people dancing, singing and enjoying themselves all together.

-Cheese ages beautifully! This means no matter what the age range of your guests everyone gets a night to rememberer, and nothing makes a wedding like watching little billy and granny throwing shapes to “cotton eye Joe”.

-Everyone loves familiar songs, and a sure fire way of getting all your guests dancing and singing is to make sure they know the songs. Although you know the songs you like listening to, your guests may not which means they're much less likely to get on the dance floor and stay there.

So whatever kind of wedding you're planning, don't forget to add a little cheese. It goes great with everything!