The Jersey Rebels

The Jersey Rebels are a young, vibrant, talented trio that have become one of the best known bands on the British Wedding Circuit.

They're the kind of guys that seem really chilled and reserved (which they are) until the get on stage. This is when they come into their own. Rarely have we come across a band that so clearly love entertaining and that's what they do! 

We don't think that their promo videos do them justice and to be fair it's impossible to capture or recreate the atmosphere that the band create when the occasion arises.

Their set list has just the right ratio of contemporary/classic so that you know everyone that's in attendance will be catered for and to top it off, they're three of the nicest lads you'll ever meet.

If you want a band that doesn't cost the earth and will deliver a world-class show but you're not into Prima Donna's (Which let's face it, who is?) then you'll not go wrong with The Jersey Rebels.



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