The Secret Spitfires

The Secret Spitfires are one of the 'Old Pro's' of the function band world. They probably play more non-wedding events that any other band in the country but they also find time for in excess of 120 weddings each year. They're also one of the few covers bands that have ever been invited to play at Glastonbury Festival.

Although the band are a 3 piece, they manage to create a massive sound by using hi-end tracks which allows them to add additional instruments to their sound such as strings, organ, piano and other patches. This is a technique that only a handful of function and wedding bands use but loads of professional bands use such as Take That, The Killers, U2 etc...

The band themselves are some of the nicest guys on the circuit. 2 of the 3 members changed in 2014 but the new arrangement is in our opinion, far superior, certainly vocally. All three members can and do sing which sets them apart from a lot of the other 3-piece bands who only have one member who can really sing and another who attempts backing vocals.

All in all, an outstanding band who have been there, done it, hundreds of times and do exactly what they say on the tin. Highly recommended!


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