The Zane Wild Band

For some reason, there are very few professional wedding bands that have been around for more than ten years. That's probably because it can be hard to stay relevant in an industry that constantly has to evolve with current trends and the demands of the clients!

One such band is *The Zane Wild Band. This fantastic three piece have been travelling the country together for over ten years and it's easy to see why. With a unique blend of experience, stage presence, fun (these guys clearly love what they do) and Zane's 'Tom Petty-esque' lead vocals, if you want a raw, no frills, brilliant party band to give you authentic hits from different generations, you'll find that The Zane Wild Band is very hard to beat.

Having won best 'Small Band' at the 2014 awards, the band now perform over 100 weddings each year from Scotland to Cornwall and everywhere in between. Ultimate professionals and one of the safest bets in the wedding band world!


*Please note the band were previously known as 'The Spitfires'



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