Phil Rostance & The Marshall Band

Perhaps the only band we've ever considered creating a sixth star for!! Phil Rostance & The Marshall Band are indeed the Rolls Royce of the Wedding Band world. They're actually one of the few UK wedding bands that are truly professional in a sense that they make their living at it. Jointly fronted by Ben Marshall and Phil Rostance, the duo have been performing together since Primary School and the chemistry on-stage is there for all to see.

The band has the most impressive CV of any wedding band we've seen with clients including multi-national companies, pop-stars, England international footballers and audience members that include the Royal Family.

The band has been concentrating on weddings since 2010 and now performs at over 150 every year.

What we love about these guys is that they haven't lost track of what it's all about. Their fees remain sensible, they're the nicest guys in the world and their shows are truly unique. Everyone involved from toddlers to grandparents. Hits from Elvis to Olly Murs and Bon Jovi to Bruno Mars with everything in between.

Everything about these guys is immense, so much that in 2013, they won 'WBR Best UK Wedding Band' for the third time in five years.

They've played packed arenas with household names and they've played 25 seater restaurants and each time, they blow people away. Truly, 'The Package'.

Their reviews tell the story far better than we can....


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