The Salvation

If you're looking for a high-energy, dual (male and female) fronted band, then there's no comparison to the Salvation. The band has everything on their side; youthful looks and energy, world class musicianship and vocals, the 'cool' factor and a complete and utter passion for entertaining people!

They're also masters of getting the setlist right for the occasion which is something that we've seen other young bands let down by! Adam, who's the band's musical director is wiser than his relatively young years when it comes to reading a crowd and knowing what will pack the dancefloor.

With a set list that literally spans three generations, even though The Salvation are young in comparison to some bands, they're entertainment veterans in every respect and deliver time and time and time again across the UK literally every weekend. The customer service that you receive from the band's management is also outstanding and because they don't use an agency for bookings, you know you're getting exceptional value for money when you book.

Probably the most sought after band in the UK right now....



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